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Our services

From arrival at your departure airport, we believe that we have the opportunity to bring back the age of elegance once associated with air travel. When flying was a supreme pleasure, quality service was the standard, and airborne experience, one of total enjoyment rather than unavoidable necessity.

Because some of the aircraft fly lower than a commercial jet, you can have spectacular views through the generous windows of the passing landscape underneath. The trip becomes an experience, not a chore.

First class on and off the ground

From the moment you book with Conciair Flight Charter, you begin to appreciate that Conciair Flight Charter can provide you with true flexibility on when and where you wish to fly.

We can cater for your every need from transport to the aircraft, express check-in, pre-flight champagne and strawberries, delivery to your destination in a chauffeur driven car, or almost any other requirement you can imagine.

Enjoy a chauffeured transfers

We work with Season Chauffeur Hire who pride themselves on their reputation of providing a prompt, reliable and professional chauffeur service.  Season Cars have a prestige vehicle suitable for every occasion within their fleet of super cars.

The on board experience

Comfort and pleasure are the words synonymous to the Conciair Flight Charter experience, and every effort is made to ensure that your journey is as pleasurable as possible.

The passport procedure is completed in advance of your flight and check in times can be as little as ten minutes prior to your flight.

You are personally escorted on board by an experienced member of the Conciair Flight Charter team, and will be provided with newspapers and refreshments of your choice, prior to the explanation of the safety checks by your Conciair Flight Charter pilot.

Your luggage will be taken from you at departure from your chosen airport by the Conciair Flight Charter staff, and taken to security on arrival for your convenience.

During the flight, you will be provided with high fidelity headsets tuned to your chosen music, or alternatively you can observe the progression of your flight with the state of the art navigation system.


Let us know your catering requirements

Catering can be supplied at your request. Be it a surprise birthday cake in the shape of your choice, or wheat free sandwiches for your children.

Order and we wll do our utmost to have it on board for you.

Flying with pets

image-07-03-16-10-59-1A flight can be a traumatic experience for a pet, but with Conciair Flight Charter, the trauma can be lessened by the reassuring presence of their owner.

As with all our passengers, your pet’s welfare will be a priority at all times.

The UK government has a scheme called PETS (Pet Travel Scheme) which allows pet dogs and cats from certain countries to enter the country without quarantine as long as they meet the rules.

It also means that UK residents can take their pets to other European Union (EU) countries and return to the UK.

Dinner and Hotel Reservations

Conciair Flight Charter can provide the additional service of booking dinner and hotel reservations of your choice at your preferred destination to give you the complete solution to your travel arrangements.

The Conciair Flight Charter team can provide recommendations and a total price can be calculated for both your flight and hotel/dinner reservations.

In partnership with Season Cars

Based in Mayfair and covering the UK, Season Cars have a prestige vehicle suitable for every occasion within their fleet of super cars.